How does a dating portal in Australia achieve having a member base comprised of over 80% women?

Relationships have become a rarity these days. Every third person in Australia is single. Aline Stark has been working on this issue since 2014. Through her portal LocalM***Finder, she connects experienced women over 30 with a select group of men.
No commitments, discreet & only as long as you’re having fun – that’s the motto. With a member base of over 80% women, it’s a concept that seems to have its finger on the pulse of the times.

In the interview, Aline Stark talks about her recipe for success, the uniqueness of LocalM***Finder and why a simple questionnaire has taken the quality of her portal to a new level.

Aline, your statistics show that over 80% of your members are women. Other dating portals can only dream of this. What is your recipe for success?

Our approach for the target group is fundamentally different from other online dating sites I’ve seen so far. While the majority are just trying to scrounge for the last single on the market, we focus exclusively on quality and a selected community. Word has got around.

Selected community? How does it work?

Our free registration is linked to a digital questionnaire, which we have continuously improved over time and can therefore offer our female community a better selection of higher quality male profiles than they are used to from other portals. This is also reflected in the daily registration figures for women.

How does the digital questionnaire work?

Our short quiz, which takes approx. 1 minute to complete, contains a series of questions designed to reveal the basic character traits of a man. We can use this first impression to get a good picture of whether or not that person would fit in well with our community.
At present, we have a rejection rate of over 83%.

Do you think it’s fair to deny men access to your platform based on a questionnaire?

Yes, definitely! The female members of LocalM***Finder are primarily looking for spontaneous and especially uncomplicated dates. Unfortunately, there is a greater discrepancy between the male and female worlds. Men tend to be less ambitious in an entertaining affair. Therefore, well-known portals like Tinder and Co., for example, are struggling with the problem that statistically a single woman receives over 70 different requests. The potentially suitable candidates are often lost in the mix. What follows is frustration on both sides. The men’s mailbox is empty. The women feel bored. At LocalM***Finder, we achieve a high level of fun for both sides.

What is your financial model?

We decided some time ago to keep LocalM***Finder free for female members. The membership for men is also free. Our monetization model is based on interactivity. This means that once a man is contacted or has started a successful contact attempt, he then has the possibility to activate the complete fee-based range of functions. Experience in recent years has shown us that this model is best accepted and effectively increases the likelihood of a real encounter.


Aline gave us the pleasure of playing around on LocalM***Finder for over a week and we were positively impressed. The community seems very lively. We didn’t encounter any inactive or fake profiles during this period. A very high response rate has further reinforced this positive experience. Surprisingly, we were even invited several times by different female members to have a spontaneous encounter. With our thumbs pointed up, we said goodbye to this extraordinary portal with a slight smile on our faces.